Pumpkin Spice Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


Feel the soothing spice flavours of fall any time you desire with this pumpkin spice herbal tea mix formulated with all organic orange peel and ginger to help prevent and soothe your stomach irritations as well as defend your body from the common cold and flu. The flavour kick from the all natural organic cinnamon and all spice will flood your immune system with a concentrated mixture of vitamin C and potent antioxidants while the all natural cloves and organic red rooibos will soothe pain in your abdominal area and heal ulcers.


Red Rooibos has a mild and sweet taste and high in anti-oxidants. It’s high anti-inflammatory and high anti-oxidants properties allow this tea to protect us against many different diseases.

Orange peel contains highly concentrated amounts of potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the peel is the healthiest part of the entire fruit! The specific anti-oxidants in orange peel have been shown to significantly impact blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The vitamin C content in the peel is almost double that of the fruit making this tea a powerful immune booster.

Cinnamon is a super spice that packs a powerful antioxidant punch. The specific antioxidants in cinnamon are ranked at the top for their ability to protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals. The benefits don’t stop there – studies have shown that cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar. Drinking this delicious tea can actually help you kick your sugar craving!

Cloves and Allspice, this harmonious blend of spices has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years for its role in digestive health. Each is both a carminative and an analgesic spice meaning it not only aids in the digestive process by pushing toxins out, it also reduces pain from indigestion due to its calming effects on the digestive system.

Ginger is recognized around the world for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this super spice has been extensively studied and is known to alleviate joint pain and sore muscles, improve circulation, and boost immunity. Regular consumption of ginger is a staple in the maintenance of optimal health!


Organic Red Rooibos, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Cloves, Organic Ginger Root, Organic All Spice

How to use

1. Scoop 1 rounded teaspoon into a tea filter bag or tea infuser

2. Place it in your mug, add 1 cup of hot water.

3. Steep for 6-10 minutes. Relax and Enjoy!

Our loose leaf teas are meant to be steeped two or three times. Simply add hot water and increase the steep time with each infusion.