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Nutritional yeast is produced by the growth of an organism of the single celled nature on a medium that is often can sugar or molasses. Once removed from the crop it is heated to sterilize it and stop the yeast growth. Unlike baking yeast, nutritional yeast does not froth and have the same effect in recipes that alive forms of yeast do. Nutritional yeast provides plenty of vitamins, minerals and protein and as such is used in many vegan dishes. Used most often as a seasoning agent, nutritional yeast gives dishes unique elevation of flavour with cheese-like tastes.


For centuries, cultures around the world have relied on the powerful cleansing of herbs and spices to maintain good health! In addition to flavouring and enhancing the taste of our food, research has indicated that some herbs and spices also contain medicinal properties' a higher antioxidant content, while others help maintain your immune system and others help cleanse our bodies.

Coupling a a healthy organic diet with the use of organic spices is a mild way of creating change in the body. Incorporate spices in your eating clean regimen today! Your taste buds will thank you too.

All of our spices and spice blends are made with certified organic ingredients, trusted for their vitality and purity.

Salt-Free (No Sodium) | Vegan | Non-GMO | Organic


Nutritional Yeast




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