Mustard Seed Powder


The unmistakable mustard flavour found in everything that has a mustard labeling originates from mustard seed spice. The cultivation of this pungent taste bud blazing spice has transformed the culinary industry forever. Primarily American and Indian cuisines make the most use of mustard seed and its distinctive acidic flavour, and it is most often used in sauces, spice mixes, dressings, dips, and pickling brines.


For centuries, cultures around the world have relied on the powerful cleansing of herbs and spices to maintain good health! In addition to flavouring and enhancing the taste of our food, research has indicated that some herbs and spices also contain medicinal properties' a higher antioxidant content, while others help maintain your immune system and others help cleanse our bodies.

Coupling a a healthy organic diet with the use of organic spices is a mild way of creating change in the body. Incorporate spices in your eating clean regimen today! Your taste buds will thank you too.

All of our spices and spice blends are made with certified organic ingredients, trusted for their vitality and purity.

Salt-Free (No Sodium) | Vegan | Non-GMO | Organic


Organic Mustard Seed Powder