Genmaicha Loose Leaf Green Tea


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Organic Genmaicha Tea is a caffeinated green tea that’s also made with toasted brown rice. This combination gives the tea a mild sweet yet nutty flavour. Because its base is green tea, it also has many health benefits. Genmaicha was originally created by Buddhist monks, and today, it makes for a delicious green tea that’s perfect for breakfast or a midday snack.


Green tea contains many antioxidants, and can improve everything from cardiovascular health to skin and hair condition. It is also thought to help reduce the risk of cancer.


Organic Green Sencha Tea, Organic Brown Rice

How to use

1. Scoop 1 rounded teaspoon into a tea filter bag or tea infuser

2. Place it in your mug, add 1 cup of hot water.

3. Steep for 6-10 minutes. Relax and Enjoy!

Our loose leaf teas are meant to be steeped two or three times. Simply add hot water and increase the steep time with each infusion.