Chakra 1 Roots Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


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The origin of the Muladhara chakra root comes from the connectivity and grounding of the root to the surface of the earth. Allowing you to gain and obtain courage, willingness to live in difficult times, and resourcefulness, the Muladhara energy is known to induce feelings of safety and prosperity. The mixture of dandelion root and Oregon grape root in this loose leaf tea are extremely effective in cleansing of the liver and detoxification of the digestive tract. The soothing properties of the organic clove and organic honey bush reduces indigestion pain and adds a honey like sweetness to the tea. Organic raspberry leaf tops off the herbal tea by infusing high levels of vitamin B, potassium, iron, and magnesium into the body.

Affirmation:  "I am grounded, safe and prosperous"


Ashwagandha root is considered an adaptogenic herb meaning that it conteracts the effects of stress on the body to improve vitality and to aid the body to recover after chronic illness.

Birch bark helps reduce fluid retention. Birch bark mainly works as a detoxifier of the urinary tract system helping the body flush out waste products.

Oregon Grape Root is a powerful liver cleanser that facilitates detoxification by reducing inflammation of the digestive system and increasing nutrient absorption.

Dandelion Root anti-oxidants detoxify and reduce inflammation in the liver.

Cloves have been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years for its role in digestive health. Clove is a carminative and an analgesic aromatic spice meaning it not only aids in digestive process by pushing toxins out, it also reduces pain from indigestion due to its calming effects on the digestive system.

Honeybush is used in beverages due to its pleasant, mildly sweet taste and aroma similar to honey. It is a caffeine free similar to Rooibos but a little sweeter. This secret ingredient is rich in anti-oxidants and helps support a gentle detox.

Raspberry Leaf is the leaf of the raspberry plant and is naturally high in magnesium, potassium, iron and B vitamins and has been used for centuries to treat canker sores, cold sores, anemia, leg cramps and nausea to name a few.

Wild Cherry Bark helps cleanse the respiratory system.


Organic Birch Bark, Organic Oregon Grape Root, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Honeybush, organic Raspberry Leaf, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Cloves

How to use

1. Scoop 1 rounded teaspoon into a tea filter bag or tea infuser

2. Place it in your mug, add 1 cup of hot water.

3. Steep for 6-10 minutes. Relax and Enjoy!

Our loose leaf teas are meant to be steeped two or three times. Simply add hot water and increase the steep time with each infusion.