Breathe Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


Feeling under the weather! Need a boost to help recover! This blend of organic herbs has been formulated to boost your immune system to assist your body when you are dealing with common cold or flu like symptoms. These organic herbal ingredients are soothing and calming and known to help with sinuses, breaking down phlegm, lessening cough and more.


Mullein is known to assist the body’s respiratory system and is used for cough and cold, bronchitis, pneumonia, chills and flu like symptoms.

Eucalyptus leaf is known for its high anti-oxidants and benefits include relieving cold symptoms and sinuses with its wonderful aroma and health properties.

Calendula, the power of this flower lies in its ability to target inflammation anywhere in the body. The anti-inflammatory compounds target, soothe, and speed up the healing process – keeping you and all of your body’s systems in balance.

Echinacea is one of the most widely used herbs in today’s society – and for good reason! This herb is a powerful immune booster and studies have shown it to be a powerful force in preventing and treating the common cold.

Lemon Balm, its name is attributed to its delicate lemony scent and has been used for centuries for its pure, sweet aroma. A member of the mint family, lemon balm has been used for thousands of years to alleviate anxiety and foster restful sleep. Its relation to mint promotes a cool, soothing sensation throughout the body, easing your mind and body into a relaxed, peaceful state.

Elderberries have long been attributed to the longevity and wellness of early settlers of North America for centuries and ranked very high in anti-oxidant activity.

Ginger is recognized around the world for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this super spice has been extensively studied and is known to alleviate joint pain and sore muscles, improve circulation, and boost immunity. Regular consumption of ginger is a staple in the maintenance of optimal health!

Wild Cherry Bark helps cleanse the respiratory system.

Rose Petals are used in traditional Indian medicine to detoxify and calm the mind. The relaxing floral notes ease the mind into restful state, giving your body a chance to unwind allowing you to feel happy, healthy, and refreshed.


Organic Mullein Leaf, Organic Eucalyptus, Organic Marshmallow Root, Organic Calendula, Organic Echinacea, Organic Lemon Balm, Organic Elderberries, Organic Ginger, Organic Wild Cherry Bark, Organic Red Rose Petals

How to use

1. Scoop 1 rounded teaspoon into a tea filter bag or tea infuser

2. Place it in your mug, add 1 cup of hot water.

3. Steep for 6-10 minutes. Relax and Enjoy!

Our loose leaf teas are meant to be steeped two or three times. Simply add hot water and increase the steep time with each infusion.