Tummy Ease - Organic 40g

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This harmonious blend of herbs and spices is perfect to soothe an upset tummy! The flavour profile is light, refreshing, soothing, and slightly sweet. In addition to acute relief, this tea can help prevent the onset of indigestion – and it tastes great!  INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC CATNIP, ORGANIC SPEARMINT, ORGANIC LEMONGRASS, ORGANIC CALENDULA FLOWERS, ORGANIC SKULLCAP. ORGANIC ROSEMARY, ORGANIC SAGE, ORGANIC FENNEL. CAFFEINE FREE


Catnip – Not just a treat for cats! This herb has a powerful relaxation and sedative effect making it an ideal ingredient to ease stress, anxiety, and indigestion.

Spearmint/Fennel  Spearmint and fennel have been used for thousands of years to heal many digestive issues.  Each is both a carminative and an analgesic herb meaning it not only aids in the digestive process by pushing toxins out, it also reduces pain from indigestion due to its calming effects on the digestive system.

Lemongrass – Energizing and full of vitamin C for an immune boost, lemongrass also facilitates detoxification. By cleansing and flushing harmful toxins out, all of your body's systems (especially your digestive system!) are able to thrive keeping you feeling happy and healthy all day long.

Calendula – The power of this flower lies in its ability to target inflammation anywhere in the body. The anti-inflammatory compounds target, soothe, and speed up the healing process – getting you and your digestive systemback in balance sooner!

Skullcap – Don’t let the name scare you! Drinking skullcap tea is soothing and elicits a sense of calm which has been shown to ease feelings of anxiety, stress, and foster restful sleep. It is also an analgesic herb and its soothing effects can reduce pain caused by indigestion.     

Rosemary/Sage – Often referred to as “sister herbs”, these two super herbs pack a powerful punch of antioxidants proven to boost cognitive function and mood. Modern medicinal research is now confirming that ingesting these herbs has a direct impact on memory retention, focus, concentration, and memory recall. Studies are showing that as you consume more sage/rosemary, your mood gets elevated and you become more alert, calm, and content.

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