Vanilla Sea Salt


Authentic bourbon vanilla beans directly harvested all the way from the island of Madagascar are intricately combined with the pure natural sea salt from the Pacific to synthesize into this aromatic Vanilla sea salt. It enhances the intensely sweet flavours and adds more body to any kind of baked goods or pastries, and is a flavourful way to spice up a mix of roasted nuts and trail mixes. Vanilla Sea Salt pairs well in salad dressings and vinaigrettes as well as sweet hickory smoke flavored dry rubs on chicken, duck, pork, and steaks.


Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar are the most sought after and most popular vanilla bean in the world. Bourbon vanilla beans are flavourful and aromatic and well suited for any dish that calls for a bit of sweetness.

Sea salt is unrefined salt derived directly from an ocean or sea. The difference between sea salt and table salt is on the processing, sea salt is unrefined meaning that the sea salt still contains natural traces of minerals required by our bodies to maintain optimal health such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese and iodine. Sea Salt is a healthier option and more flavourful than traditional table salt so less sea salt is needed to flavour your dish.

No additives | No preservatives | No artificial flavours | No chemicals


Vanilla Bean, Sea Salt