Sundried Tomato Sea Salt


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The bold elements of tomatoes that have been delicately dried under the warmth of the sun pair exquisitely with organic parsley, organic basil and dried flakes of organic onion in addition to natural pure sea salt to make this creation of Sun Dried Tomato sea salt. The zesty aroma of this sea salt makes the ultimate addition to seasonings in your soups, salads, and even savory meat dishes. Give your creamy alfredo sauce or fondue a zesty boost of smoky tomato taste and impress your guests with Sun dried Tomato sea salt.


Organic Sundried tomatoes offer the taste of fresh tomatoes all year round. The drying process preserves the rich tomato flavour so you can enjoy the taste of tomatoes in any season.  Coupled with parsley, basil and onion, this combination Sea Salt will enhance any dish.

Sea salt is unrefined salt derived directly from an ocean or sea. The difference between sea salt and table salt is on the processing, sea salt is unrefined meaning that the sea salt still contains natural traces of minerals required by our bodies to maintain optimal health such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese and iodine. Sea Salt is a healthier option and more flavourful than traditional table salt so less sea salt is needed to flavour your dish.

No additives | No preservatives | No artificial flavours | No chemicals


Organic Sundried Tomatoes, Organic Parsley, Organic Basil, Organic Onion, Sea Salt