Red Hawaiian Sea Salt


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Coming all the way from the Kauai island of Hawaii, this elegant mixture of purified red alaea clay and all natural pure red sea salt makes for a gourmet addition to your meat dishes. Red Hawaiian sea salt possesses a stand apart capability to isolate the moisture in various types of meats that are slow roasted or grilled. The beautiful colour of the Red Hawaiian sea salt is a great aesthetically appealing garnish on vibrant salads and various types of freshly seared or grilled seafood.


Alaea is baked red Hawaiian clay that is mineral rich.  Red Alaea is odourless and tasteless but is iron oxide rich volcanic clay.  The deep red colour of Red Hawaiian Sea Salt makes this a perfect finishing salt.

Sea salt is unrefined salt derived directly from an ocean or sea. The difference between sea salt and table salt is on the processing, sea salt is unrefined meaning that the sea salt still contains natural traces of minerals required by our bodies to maintain optimal health such as iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese and iodine. Sea Salt is a healthier option and more flavourful than traditional table salt so less sea salt is needed to flavour your dish. No additives | No preservatives | No artificial flavours | No chemicals


Red Alae Clay, Sea Salt