Morning Spice Soap


Gentle and creamy oatmeal blends with bold aromatic natural essential clove oil and natural organic cassia clove oils to provide a nurturing and gently exfoliating bar of soap that will be sure to wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead. The combination of certified organic rosemary extract, organic all natural hand ground cloves, and all natural organic cassia clove oil give this soap a gusto of fresh aroma and radiating fragrance that can even clear up your sinuses. The oatmeal is ground to the perfect grain to give just a gentle touch of exfoliation to augment the moisturizing and nourishing properties of the organic sunflower and creamy organic coconut oil.


Our purely herbal soap is made from a blend of 100% certified organic moisturizing oils and is scented with pure essential oils only.  The colouring of the soaps comes from organic herbs and plant extracts only.  Due to the nature of herbs and plants, the colouring of the soaps may vary from batch to batch. 

No parabens | No synthetic fragrances | No dyes | No colourants | No chemicals

Cassia: Spicy, Strong, Warming

Clove: Warm, Spicy, Protective


Saponified oils of organic sunflower and/or organic safflower, organic coconut, and organic palm (with retained glycerin), organic oats, pure essential oils (clove and cassia), organic cloves, organic rosemary extract