Golden Blend, Organic Turmeric Latte 8oz Glass Jar

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A delicious "Golden Milk" Superspice mix that will warm and nourish your body. Made with 3 Main Pure, Non-GMO ORGANIC "SUPER SPICES", known for centuries for their major health benefits.  CAFFEINE FREE.  All ORGANIC INGREDIENTS:  ORGANIC TURMERIC, ORGANIC TRUE CINNAMON, ORGANIC GINGER ROOT, ORGANIC LUCUMA POWDER, ORGANIC BLACK POWDER.  Mix 1TBSP of mix to 8oz of almond or coconut milk.  Add 1tsp of coconut oil for better absorption of spices.  Whisk and Enjoy.

TURMERIC: Arguably the most powerful spice in the world at fighting and preventing disease, turmeric is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that has been proven to fight inflammation throughout the body. Health benefits don’t stop there – turmeric has also been studied for its ability to reduce pain, improve digestion, and regulate blood sugar.  

CINNAMON: This super spice packs a powerful antioxidant punch. The specific antioxidants in cinnamon are ranked at the top for their ability to protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals. The benefits don’t stop there – studies have shown that cinnamon can help regulate blood sugar  

GINGER: Recognized around the world for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this super spice has been extensively studied and is known to alleviate joint pain and sore muscles, improve circulation, and boost immunity.