Gojii Berries


Add a savoury berry element to your dishes and beverages with this all natural organic dried Gojii Berries. Blast your plain salad with flavour or liven up your cup of hot tea while simultaneously prevent pathogens like the flu and common cold at a good distance from you. The heavy antioxidant content of organic dried Gojii Berries will work the same magic as the fountain of youth, keeping your mind, body, and appearance fresh and youthful. The intense fiber content in Gojii Berries will keep you feeling full when you would normally reach for the chips or cookies and the combination of nutrients contained within them will lower metabolism which can effectively assist in weight loss efforts.


Superfood Powders are foods that have been categorized as “superfoods” based on their incredible health benefits and incredible nutritious characteristics. 

Gojii Berries are a great source of Vitamin C, iron and fiber.  Gojii berries have been known to boost your immune system to help your body protect you against colds and flu.  


Organic Gojii Berries

How to Use

Add to salads or choose as a snack.  Gojii berries are common in “Change of Season Soup” which is used in Chinese Medicine to have at change of season to boost your immune system.