Detoxify Soap


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Gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin pores of all built up oils and toxins with this Detoxify soap bar. The organic activated charcoal will prevent blemishes and skin irritation due to its unique ability to extract and absorb the dirt and debris stuck deep in skin pores as well as the excess oils your skin naturally produces. The result of this sponge like cleanse and detoxification of the skin is the youthful healthy radiant appearance of the skin underneath the dead cell debris and clogged pores. After the organic activated charcoal has finished its work, the luscious mixture of organic cocoa butter and organic shea butter provide the skin with a non clogging layer of silky moisture.


Our purely herbal soap is made from a blend of 100% certified organic moisturizing oils and is scented with pure essential oils only.  The colouring of the soaps comes from organic herbs and plant extracts only.  Due to the nature of herbs and plants, the colouring of the soaps may vary from batch to batch. 

No parabens | No synthetic fragrances | No dyes | No colourants | No chemicals

Orange: Uplifting, Invigorating, Renewing

Tea Tree: Refresh, Cleanse, Disinfecting

Bergamot: Uplifting, Assuring, Restoring


Saponified oils of organic sunflower, organic coconut, organic palm, and organic safflower (with retained glycerin), water, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter,  pure essential oils (orange, tea tree, and bergamot), activated charcoal, organic plantain leaf, organic cacao, organic rosemary extract.