About Us

At Chalice Spice we are dedicated to health and wellness. Our mission is to share the healing powers of herbs and spices by providing only the utmost quality products. We avidly search out the best possible organic and wild harvested herbs with the hope to improve the health and well being of people.

At Chalice Spice, we are committed to supplying only the highest quality.  Our certified organic, organic compliant or ethically wild crafted ingredients are trusted for their vitality/purity, grown in house or outsourced from only the best!  We and our suppliers have the same ethics, environmental and social conscience.

All of our hand blended products are made in small batches to ensure maximum zest and aroma. Our policy is to never compromise on quality, so when some of our products are unavailable please bear with us, if its not the best we refuse to sell it. 


After being faced with several health challenges and auto-immune disease, Lori (also known as Q) sought out natural alternatives to seek a healthier, more effective and natural solution versus prescription medicine.

At the advice of her Naturopath, they suggested specific herbs and spices to incorporate in her day to day diet. The Naturopath emphasized that the herbs and spices needed to be organic and to ensure to read labels as many products incorporate “natural flavors” or “MSG” in their products and if you don’t know what it says in the label, their advice, was “don’t buy it”. 

Looking around the city of Windsor and LaSalle for these herbs and spices and asking questions in regards as to whether or not the herb is “organic” or what “natural flavours mean” Lori realized that the city that she lived in didn’t have these herbs and spices her Naturopath had suggested.

Using her Purchasing background of over 15 years experience and asking a lot of questions to Suppliers and Farms to locate these herbs and spices, Lori sought out the utmost quality herbs and spices by ordering throughout Canada and Worldwide.

Some of the herbs and spices didn’t taste well on their own so Lori leveraged her cooking skills to start blending these herbs and spices, known for their health benefits to taste good and to incorporate in their family’s day to day diet.  

As Ron and Lori gathered more information about the natural healing of herbs and spices, the passionate husband and wife partners were inspired to share this with their family and friends and with their community and is what ignited Chalice Spice and the mission to share the healing powers of herbs and spices with the hope to improve the well being of people.